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Festival of Nepal: JANAI PURNIMA

By: solarp

Posted on: August 24, 2010


Janai Purnaima is one of the worthy festival celeberated every year in the month of Bhadra which usually falls in August of English calender. Janai Purnima is observed on the full moon day in Shravan month.This is the festival of thread and Tago. This festival is celebrated by Bhramans and chhetri communities in Nepal. Ther other communities also have strong faith on it. This traditional festival is marked by exchange of sacred thread “Janai” and tiying Tago in their hand by their Gurus. The changing of the thread takes place after a long ceremony involving chanting of mantras. Tago is tied in left hand of girls and right hand of boys. These Janai and Tago is bounded by a magical words by Guru which covers faith of God and Guru.

The holy threads are blessed by the Bhraman Priests, worshiping Gods and Saptarishis. Saptarishis are the tutor of the Gods in an antique time who could predict the past present and future occurrence faithfully in the Golden era namely, Kashyap, Bhardwaj, Gautami, Atreya, Jamadagni, Bashistha, and Bishawamitra. This year Janai Purnima is celebrated today as of August 24. On the same day Raksha Bandan is also celebrated in some modern families of Nepal. Raksha Bandan, also called Rakhi is tied by the sisters to their brothers for their good luck.

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