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10 Wrestling Tricks a Woman uses to overpower a Man

Posted on: September 13, 2011


Today’s women are not delicate and soft as most men think. They have proved themselves in almost every field, including the physical combats. And, their dominance continues.

Who says wrestling is a men's sport? In the field of wrestling, women are more confident and know how to win over the men. They are wrestling lovers and fitness extremist. A woman can put the man to his death once she comes into wrestling fight.

“Women wrestling” is quite a thrilling word, which has both glamour and feat. Aggression is the first thing, one need in wrestling. She can easily put men down at her feet by using tricks. There are lots of killer moves in wrestling; a woman can use to overpower a man:

1) Women can grab his head and brings him down with easiness. The man struggles in her grip and tries to escape, but in vain. The man tries to wrap up and press his legs around her. He struggles for a while until the stronger female has him under full control.

2) When the man bends down and moves his head straight between the thighs of the woman to lift her up. She fall down on the back, but in no time he found himself trapped between her vigorous thighs and gets his hair snatched by the sharp nails of woman.

3) When the man is looking aggressively in woman’s eyes, the woman kicks beneath his legs and on the same time punches hard on his nose.

4) When the man falls down on the ground, a woman tries her best not to let him stand, she kicks and punches on every possible part of his body.

5) Women's nails are her best companions and guard. A woman can use her sharp nails to protect her. She can screw her nails in opponent’s eyes to make him fall down.

6) When the man is coming forward to attack a woman, she punches on his face and when man in return punches on her face, with an aggression, she holds him and pushes him in backward direction and throws him out of the ring.

7) When a man falls down out of pain, woman twists his arm and sits on his back. With one hand, she twists the arm and with the other hand, she holds his hair and pulls them with her full force.

8) Sometimes, female dominates the match by using moves like kicking, punching, and face sitting. The key factor of women victory in wrestling with men is that the females have stronger leg and hip muscles than males.

9) When a man comes forward to attack woman, she just have to kick on his face and neck and make him fall down.

10) Woman wrestlers also throw punches and kick the concealed part of the man and that is the main reason why men are terrorized by women during mixed wrestling matches.

By: Triveni Sharma

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